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Appraisal Fees and Services

Non-Lending Reports and Consultations

We offer a full spectrum of appraisal and consultation products to aid in trust, estate, divorce, and other property settlements including reports with multiple and retrospective values; pre-purchase market evaluations by buyers, sellers, or their agents; lender portfolio evaluations including pre-foreclosure and REO properties; investment and tax planning; employee relocation; and remodeling feasibility studies. An assignment’s price is based on its complexity and reporting format. Please call for free consultation and quotation.

Base Price (Non-Complex)*

Summary Appraisal Reports, Supplements, and Certificates
(call for additional products)**
Single Family (1004) or Condo (1073) Appraisal to 2,800 sf
Exterior-Only Inspection (2055) to 2,800 sf
Manufactured Home (1004C) with mandatory cost approach
Market Conditions Addendum (1004MC) mandatory as of April 1, 2009
Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Appraisal to 2,800 sf                   
Two- to Four-Unit Appraisal (1025)                
Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule (1007) ordered with appraisal
Operating Income Statement (216) when ordered with appraisal
Certificate of Completion (1004D/442)
Cost and Insurable Approaches to Value, Appraisal Reviews, REO and   FHA Supplemental Addenda, Land and Commercial Appraisals

Restricted Use Reports (call for additional products)**
Property Value Analysis (704), street inspection only (drive-by)
Property Value Analysis (704), with measurement and interior inspection

* A report is judged Complex based on considerations such as: multiple approaches to value; limited market data; unusual physical characteristics or reporting requirements; and location involving restricted access, rural or remote areas.  Fees will be established prior to acceptance of assignment’s scope of work based on its complexity, size, and other elements.  Fees will be renegotiated for post-order revisions.
** For properties over 2,800 sf, add $50.  Flat-rate fee schedule available on request.

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