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Photo Glen Wilson     Glen Wilson is the owner and founder of G.R. Wilson Appraisal Services. Since 1992 he has been licensed by the State as a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser. As Convener of Tri County Appraisers' Forum, Glen is well versed in appraisal-related laws and standards. He has lived in Sacramento all of his adult life and has a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren in Fair Oaks. Although Glen specializes in residential appraisals, G.R. Wilson offers one-stop appraisal services through our team of qualified commercial appraisers, attorneys, and estate and tax consultants.

Glen Wilson
Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Abbreviated Resume of Appraising Qualifications and Experience

California State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, 1992 to the present.
  • Full-time practice as an independent certified residential real estate appraiser specializing in Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Napa, El Dorado, and Placer Counties.
  • Appraisals and consultation regarding loans for purchase and refinance; trust, estate, divorce, and other property settlements; employee relocation; foreclosures; bankruptcy; Private Market Insurance (PMI) removal; tax and investment planning.
  • Property classifications include single-family residences from tract housing to complex assignments with custom homes on unique parcels, PUDs, condos, small residential income property (2-4 units), manufactured housing, and land.
Convener and Member, Tri County Appraisers' Forum (TCAF),
  Sacramento, CA, Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2002, and Sept. 2003 to present. Coordinate organization; develop agenda and guide discussion around current issues in appraisal regulations, standards, and practice for this monthly workshop of practicing appraisers.

Liaison between TCAF and the Credit Union Real Estate Network
  (CUREN), 1995 to the present.

Member, Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC), 2007 to the

FHA Approved Appraisers Roster, 2002 to the present.

Member, Real Estate Appraisers' Association, 1997 (est.) to the present.

Staff Appraiser, Valuation Services, Sacramento, CA, Nov. 1991 to Nov.

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